A Bermuda H igh

It had been a long winter and she was growing tired of the cold. She was trying hard not to be pissed at her husband for moving her to the north. Today was a particularly bad day with temps only getting into the 20’s. She came home from work that Wednesday and he was waiting for her with a glass of wine and a big smile.
“Thanks. I might need some hot chocolate instead of the wine. What are you smiling about?”
“Got a surprise for you.”
Her mood immediately improved as she looked at him expectantly. He reached under the counter and took out a bag and handed it to her. Smiling, she pulled out the tissue paper and extracted the gift. It was a floral print thong bikini. Her first thought was disappointment, but he quickly announced, “we’re going to Bermuda for the weekend, but there is one condition.”
“You have to be willing to wear this thong bikini, he said as he held up a tiny piece of blue and yellow cloth.
She was not sure what to say, so she just nodded her approval.
That night she nuzzled up next to him and started to gently stoke his cock. “Thanks for the weekend. I really need to get away from this cold weather.” He did not respond verbally, but his fast growing cock gave her the hint she needed. She slipped under the covers and gave him the best blow job ever. This led to a torrid lovemaking session that ended with her on her knees with her face buried in a pillow as he rode her from behind. Her third orgasm was particularly satisfying.
On the plane they were placed in the back seat since their flight had been booked so late. It was already dark when they took off for the evening flight to Bermuda. Chilly, she took a blanket out of her carry on and spread it over their laps. Almost immediately, she felt his hand on her upper thigh. She responded quickly by reaching over and grabbing his cock. She could feel it start to get hard almost instantly. His hand pressed into her crotch and she squeezed him harder. There were too many others nearby to take this any further, but they both knew where this was heading.
By the time they got to the hotel and had a drink from the booze they’d packed, it was getting late. It had been a long week and they both agreed they needed sleep more than sex. Besides, morning sex was the best.
At 11a.m. she pulled on the thong bikini bottoms he’d given her. She felt a tenderness as the thong touched the soft tissue of her back hole. She smiled as she recounted the morning love making and his vigorous fucking of her ass. The little bit of tenderness was well worth the 2 orgasmic waves she had experienced while he pounded the tighter of her two love openings. Never before had he been so forceful at driving his cock into her ass and she smiled as she remembered the final moments when he stopped his thrust and enjoyed his own pulsating orgasm.
She was still not sure she could wear this bikini in public. She had never worn anything so risqué before, but that had been the deal. She suggested they have a early drink to help her get her nerve up. He made a couple stiff margaritas and they sat on the balcony and watched the activity on the beach below. The sun felt good on her face and the tequila quickly worker it’s magic.
They made another drink and headed to the beach. For hours they laid in the sun and she seemed oblivious to the passing guys who stared at her mostly naked ass. She knew it pleased him and that was all that mattered.
At 4 they headed back to the room before the sun got the best of them. After room service and 3 more margaritas, he suggested they hit the poolside hot tub. At that point she was high enough to agree to anything. She slipped on her new bikini and they headed down to the tub.
Darkness was just settling in and only a few people were about. The staff had gone home and the other guests were off to diner and dancing.
After entering the water she moved to lean her back up against him. His hand quickly found her bare ass cheeks and slid under her until he had two fingers working her pussy over with practiced precision. Her orgasm followed quickly. The tequila high had removed any inhibitions she’d had and her moans were load enough that he looked around to see who might have noticed. There was no one left at the pool, but hundreds of hotel room balconies overlooked the pool. She cared of none of this.
Hot from the tub and effort, he sat up on the side of the tub and let his feet dangle in the water. She turn to face him kneeling in the tub and started to unbutton the fly of his suit. She could feel the stiffness of his crotch and wanted to suck it no matter who might be watching.
She freed his cock and stroked it to full attention before taking him in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down with a rhythmic pace as his shaft went deeper into her mouth with every stroke. She sensed his nearing orgasm and replaced her mouth with her hand. She watched his cock as she felt the pulsations begin and she quickened her strokes. With surprising power, his cum squirted from his cock as he let out a low and satisfying moan. The squirt carried the creamy cum all the way to her chest where it started dribbling down between her bikini covered breast.
She had never watch him cum so closely before. He had always wanted her to swallow his cum, but she could never handle a load like she had just seen spray her chest. She continued to stroke his cock and milk all of his cum from the head. His cock still looked hard and delicious and she wanted to suck him some more. She noticed a drip of cum on his cock head and out of instinct bent down and licked it off. The taste, although a little salty, was strangely appealing to her and she seized his head and sucked until every drop had been drained and his cock had started to go soft.
She looked up at him and saw his smile. “So you like the taste of cum after all?”
She smiled back and said, “I guess I do. Now take me upstairs, it’s your turn to eat me.
He was good at eating pussy and they both knew it. Almost every time they made love, other than an occasional quickie, involved him going down on her. She loved it and he generally achieved a major orgasmic wave that rocked her soul.
Tonight, he knew, would be a challenge. She had already had at least 4 orgasm that day and he knew she was probably sore from all the activity. He knew he’d have to be gentle and patient if he was going to be successful. He decided that it was also going to require an extra romantic touch.
He’d been waiting for the right time to give it to her and this was it. As they got back to the room, she headed to the bathroom while he went to make them another drink. When she was out of view, he reached into the pocket of his suitcase and retrieved the ring. It was over a carrot of black and white diamonds set in white gold and he knew the effect it would have on her.
The last time he had given her this nice of a piece, she had asked him to tie her wrists to the bed posts and ravage her. He had complied and the results had been 2 full hours of prodding, poking and licking her into 5 orgasmic waves before she had passed out.
Tonight he would also need a little help, so he reached into her bag and pulled out her favorite vibrator toy, Rocky the Rabbit. He was going to need some time, maybe even a day, to recover from the poolside blow job, but Rocky never had a problem getting stiff.
He tossed Rocky and the ring box on the bed and finished making the drinks. She came out of the bathroom naked as he was finishing and eased up behind him. She wrapped her arms around him in hug and whispered “I love you.”
“I love you too babe. I got you something.” He pointed to the bed.
At first she thought he was referring to Rocky, but then she saw the little black box. The affect was perfect as she slipped it on and cooed at it’s brilliance. “Is this a prize for that blow job by the pool, or just because you love me,” she teased.
“The ring is because I love you, Rocky is your prize,” he said with a grin.
He moved to her and seized her mouth in a long kiss as he smoothly moved her to the bed. His hand found her breast and gently fondled her as he kissed her neck. He worked his way down until his mouth reached her nipple and he sucked gently while tweaking her nipple with his tongue. He returned to her mouth for another long kiss and then slowly stood to remove his damp suit.
She shuffled over on the bed until she could reach his cock as he stood beside the bed. It was still limp, exhausted from their recent poolside escapade. She stroked it gently knowing it was not going to respond. He moved forward until his cock was in front of her as she lay on her side. She responded by gently kissing his limpness. With her hand she lifted his soft shaft up to his belly and slid closer and kissed his ball sack. Encouraged by a soft moan, she took his left ball into her mouth and softly sucked on it. Another, louder moan and she moved to the other ball.
She had never done this before, but he knew she had gotten the idea from a porn movie they had watched recently. They both considered watching porn to be research, and this time it had paid a nice dividend. As good as this felt, it did nothing to stiffen his cock.
“Hey, I thought it was my turn to eat you.”
Smiling, she rolled over and made room for him on the bed. “So I get diamonds AND a licking. Now that’s what I call getting lucky.”
“The only question is how many times you are going to get lucky,” he said with a telling smile on his face. She knew he was referring to how many orgasm she would be enjoying as result of his talented tongue.
He moved over top of her naked body and placed his soft cock over her hips. She spread her legs as if she was expecting him to enter her. He let the natural weight of his body press against her crotch as he gave her another long kiss. “I’m going down now. Enjoy! See you on the other side.”
He rolled over until he was beside her and starting kissing the nape of her neck and nibbling her ear. His hand drifted to her hips and slowly glided over her thighs and belly. His light touch was driving her wild already and her hip started to slowly pump, dry-humping the warm night air blowing in from the open balcony doors.
Finally his hand brushed over her bush and softly grazed her pussy lips. Her gasp and the moan that followed let him know she was more than ready. He dipped a finger between her pussy lips, carefully avoiding her clit and found the wetness of her love canal. Gently he spread her juices over her pussy without contacting her hot spot. She knew he was saving her clit for his tongue, but she wanted it now.
He leaned up on his elbow as he dipped his finger back down her wet tunnel. He brought his finger to his mouth and sucked her juices off like it was a lollipop. He went back for more, but this time he used two fingers to retrieve her nectar. She watched as he sucked her juices from his pointer finger. It was turning her on so much she was becoming impatient for him to start working on her clit. She was so distracted that she hardly realized she had opened her mouth and was now sucking her own juices off his other finger. To show her readiness for him to get to it, she gave his finger a hard suck like she had his stiff cock in her mouth.
He got the message and kissed his way across her belly toward the promised land. He used both hands to spread her pussy wide open as he lingered for a few seconds with his mouth less than an inch away from her clit. Slowly he ran the tip of his tongue over every part of her pussy before lightly brushing her hot spot. She nearly screamed at first contact and he knew the first orgasm was only moments away if he could stay patient.
Slowly he circled her clit with his tongue just allowing enough contact to make her want more. Shifting around until he was kneeling between her legs he lifted her legs until her knees were near her ears. This exposed her pussy and spread it open for his taking. Starting just above her ass star, he licked her very slowly and firmly up her slit until the flat of his tongue was pressing her clit down in a very pleasurable way. He held it there as she squirmed in delight. Finally, he released her clit with a quick flick of his tongue.
Her hands went to the back of his head as she let out a soft squeal. He ignored her attempt to press his face into her pussy and started again with a slow lick starting just above her ass. Again he stopped at her clit and pressed it down firmly with his tongue, but this time he inserted two fingers in her juicy hole. He repeated this slow lick one more time before he was sure she was ready.
Now he focused on her clit and worked it over good with the tip of his tounge. At the same time he used Rocky the Rabbit to fuck her juicy hole. It took less than a minute before she was convulsing in an orgasmic spasm. Her moans turned to controlled screams and gasps as the pleasure waves overtook her.
Normally, he would mount her at this point, but his cock was still completely limp. He cursed it, but knew it was time for the next phase in eating her pussy. He shifted back around until his hips were near her head. She reached out and grabbed his cock as the final waves of pleasure rolled over her.
As good as it felt to have her hand on his cock, it still did not respond. Her breathing had slowed to a reasonable pace and he knew it was time to start again. He reached both hands under her hips and grabbed an ass cheek firmly in each hand. Spreading her ass wide also opened her pussy lips and gave his mouth full access. He engulfed her entire pussy with his mouth and emulated a slow eating motion that worked over every pleasure zone at the same time.
After a few minutes of literally eating her pussy, he felt her starting to build. Her hips pressed up towards his mouth and he pressed down on her clit with his tongue. Again he felt her hand on the back of his head as she encouraged him to finish her off. His next move was to insert his fingers in her. Two fingers went into her wet cunt and two went into her ass that was now sopping wet from the overflow from her cunt.
As he pulled gently to spread both openings, he thought of his ravaging of her ass earlier that day. He knew she must be sore after that pounding, so he was being careful not to be too forceful. She was lost in the moment and felt another wave of orgasm building in her as she continued to stroke his cock. It seemed to be growing, but she was more focused on his mouth engulfing her pussy in a slow rhythmic pace.
Seconds later she started to explode uncontrollably. He kept at her until her moans started to calm a bit. That’s when he realized he had the makings of a hardon. He quickly encouraged her to roll over and she instantly knew he wanted to take her on her knees.
He pushed her down until her face was buried against the pillow and her ass was high in the air. He mounted her from behind and her juicy cunt easily accepted his semi-hard cock. After a few strokes, she could feel it growing. His pace quickly increased and she came again in seconds. He kept at it and realized he was no where near cumming. She was in for a long ride and he smiled at the thought.
Minutes later she came again as his hips rapidly slapped against her ass. He wondered how much more she could take and decided that he had better stop. His pace slowed as he allowed her breathing to return to normal. It seemed like a waste to not keep going while he was still hard, but he knew it was better to quit. He slowly pulled out of her and rolled her onto her side. She was completely spent and fell asleep instantly. He curled up next to her and joined her in slumber. It had been an amazing day.
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