Filling Her Void

She’d never done this before, but things were different now. Perhaps she was trying to fill a new void in her life or maybe just distract her mind from thinking about the tradegy that had consumed her in the past two weeks. Whatever the case, it seemed to be working as all she was thinking about right now was how good this man’s tongue felt on her swollen clit.
She did not even know his name, having just let him pick her up in a bar down by the river. It didn’t matter, she just needed a man to fill the gap in her life and make her feel good. This man seemed to be doing just that as he ate her pussy rather aggressively. He was not a tender lover, but that was not really what she wanted. She was okay with the pain she felt from his rough sucking and licking, it was better than the other pain she had been feeling.
Blissfully she reached orgasm and let out a loud series of moans. He continued to torture her clit until her moans turned to heavy breathing. He stood and looked down at her naked body. It was very enticing with perky tits, shapely hips and a freshly shaved pussy that was now red and swollen.
He removed his shirt as she looked up in anticipation from the bed. A large tattoo of the American Flag and an angry eagle covered a large portion of his chest. She needed more from him and was not interested in him just standing there gazing at her naked body. ” Are you going to fuck me, or what?”
He just chuckled, undid his belt annd dropped his pants. She could see the buldge of his cock under his boxers, but was not expecting the size and girth she saw when he dropped is short. He was well-hung and his cock was very fat. It hung down to mid-thigh and was not even fully erect.
He gave it a few strokes and she involuntarily moved towards him. She had clearly forgotten her sadness and was focused on enjoying the best cock she had ever seen. Reaching out she grabbed it away from his hand and starting stroking it to attention. He moved closer until he was standing directly beside the bed and well positioned in front of her face as she sat up on one elbow.
She eagerly took the head of his monster into her mouth and was shocked at how difficult it was to fit more than a few inches in. The fatness stretched her lips wide and she could feel the huge veins of his cock against her tongue. Her eyes automatically shut with her mouth open so wide which allowed her to focus on the feel of him as she slowly bobbed on his shaft.
She felt his hands pull her long brown hair back behind her head into a loose ponytail. At first she appreciated this because she did not have a free hand to pull her hair away from her face. By the time she realized his action had not been a loving gesture, he had already forced six inches of his cockzilla into her mouth.
The gagging sound she made did not slow him down. He started to pump his hips as he used his grip on her hair to pull her toward him. She tried to push him away, but he was strong and forceful in his actions. Tears were rolling down her face from gagging, but to her surprise the gagging quickly stopped as she got used to his mildly violent raping of her mouth.
The pace of his thrust increased gradually until he was pumping her rapidly. Each thrust took him deeper and soon she felt his cock head sliding down her throat. Not only had she never had such a large cock in her mouth, she had never had a cock this deep in her. The surprise of being able to physically adapt to such a large cock was only surpassed by the surprise of how much she enjoyed having her mouth raped.
One final thrust, which he held deep in her for a few seconds, and he withdrew. She fell back on the bed and tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were still shut and her mind was blissfully blank. Then his hands were on her right leg and he pulled her off the bed and flipped her over in one motion. Her feet were on the floor, her breasts were on the bed and he pulled her hips into the air presenting her georgous ass for his taking.
There was a want growing in her to have his monster cock ravage her. She had always appreciated the attentive, gentle lover that her fiancé had been, but she needed something different right now. Right now what she needed was to be fuck hard. She was not sure if this man sensed that, or had his own emotional issues.
He held his stiffness with his right hand and stuck his left thumb in her asshole, pulling her ass upward to allow full access for his cock. Instead of plunging into her, he started smacking her clit with his shaft. Again, the pleasure surprised her and her moans encouraged him to smack harder. In less than a minute she felt an orgasm swelling and soon she was screaming with pleasure for the second time.
Before she had finished cumming, he placed the head of his cock in her cunt and pushed it hard into her. His size streched her, but the pain was what she wanted. He did not take his time and his rapid thrust went deeper with every stroke. Her third orgasm was quick to come and lasted for a long time as he continued to ram her.
Collapsing on the bed after he suddenly withdrew, she was done. He was not. She felt his hands forcefully spread her ass cheeks and then his tongue was rapidly working her asshole over. It was obvious that he was getting her lubricated so he could jam his monster cock in her tight opening. She was too spent to even react to his actions and just let him take full control.
Her legs were still hanging off the bed, but her feet were barely touching the floor. He was still standing and had easy access to her limp body. The head of his cock was now pushing into her ass. There was a great deal of pain and she let out a cry that was strangly satisfying to both of them.
Now he started to pump her ass, slow at first and then faster and faster. Despite her exhaustion, she felt a fourth orgasmic wave coming. Her breathing picked up and she found the strength to raise up on her elbows. Her long brown hair draped over her soft shoulders and arched back looked beautiful. He watched his cock plunging into her sweet ass and it was all he could take, his own orgasm near.
Suddenly he withdrew from her and she felt a sad emptiness. Using his strong hands, he rolled her on to her back and quickly straddled her stomach. His cock was heavy on her chest until he took it with both hands and started to stroke it. She understood his intent, so she shut her eyes and opened her mouth and perpared for a creamy facial. In less than a minutes he shot a huge load of cum over her face and breast. Finally he leaned forward and she sucked the last drops of cum from his incredible cock.
He stood And started to get dressed as she laid in bed. “What are your issues?”
He pointed to the tattoo on his chest and said, “Iraq.”
As the door shut, the pain and emptiness returned. Evidently a torrid fucking was not going to be enough to fill the void in her heart of the fiancé she had lost in a car wreck just two weeks ago. Maybe getting fucked by two guys, or maybe more, was the answer. She’d have to find out.
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