Fuck me or kill me

It’s not that bad as you possible imagine. No violence at all. Just love and lust. For the first time in my live, (I’m already 68) I met (and fucked) a black lady. My whole live already I liked to fuck a black lady, but being a “male white pig” it never happened. Already 43 years married and nevertheless in that sense a Virgin. Most of you are also, isn’t it? If not: tell me! Turn me up about interracial sex!
Anyway, this is what happened.
I own a nice house on the Westcoast of Canada. Mostly I’m alone there, because I like to be alone. It’s a typical neighborhood, small, no shops at all, nor other facilities, just villa’s and extraordinary people. We just wave to each other, but hardly talk. Most, so not all of the people here, have houses in Vancouver or other parts of North America and/or other parts of the world. Just like me. I’m from the Netherlands and live partly in Holland (together with my wife) and partly in my Canadian “hideaway”. My neighbor is a Chinese tycoon, owning a worldwide company. He’s 83, his wife has never been here and believe me it’s one of the most marvelous spots you can imagine. Unspoiled ocean view, a rock carved sauna and much much more. It takes to much time to talk about all that other people who live here.
Anyway, one of my neighbors is (was) a very high qualified member of the International (better to say: Global) Elite, already retired for years. No obligations anymore, just skipped from the board. He’s as deaf as a rock, but walks every day for several hours to keep himself alive and in the meantime learning a lesson from Homerus.
Once he was a high qualified professor, good looking and a bright gadget to his female students. One of them, the lady whom I talking off, decided to catch him. AND SHE DID!
Women who want, do simply the job and catch what they want to catch. She did!
But years go bye. And when they married, she was 25; he was already 55. Now she’s 45 and he of course 75. And when they married they joined the High Society everywhere. But now she’s still a beautiful, stylish and living lady, while he is just a bad copy of his past.
However we met eachother and visited. Nice evenings, excellent dinners, and high quality discussions about culture, politics and more.
But then!
It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. Playing a simple computer game. There she came! Arms wide, just like a bird in the wind, running to my door. I ran to the door and opened it just before she reached it. She just felt in my arms, I just had to do some steps behind, but she was there!
The night before we had a marvelous dinner and sometimes we looked at each other, not knowing (however) there was more than just interest. Of course you than feel some in your belly, but, come on, you’re in decent social gathering.
We drank a cup of tea, we chatted somewhat and she told me some more about herself. Sure I enjoined that and, sorry, she turned me up, because… she was really the black lady that I ever had in mind.
I decided to take another drink, because there is an end of drinking tea. I took a vodka and offered her a glass of wine. She never drank vodka and asked me a nip of my shotglass. Sure she got. And on that moment I was sitting beside her and touched her hand. Or something else, I really don’t remember exactly.
Anyway, on that particular moment she looked at me with her sparkling brown eyes and, just believe it, started to undress herself, looking me in my eyes.
Never experienced that ever before, but, forgive me, I’m a man and all my live I‘m “women oriented” And I Like It! And will never be else up to the day I depart!
In a split second we decided (decided?), just went upstairs to the “holy place” in my house. It took just seconds to undress and felt in each others arms, belly to belly, her tits to my breast, her legs around my legs.
Probably the most exciting moments in my live. I embraced her with all my power and she gave it back to me. Half the size she is to me, she powered me out of my own bed and I had to use all my energy to keep her aside me. I touched her tits, her marvelous black nipples, I kissed her and tasted her tongue, I felt her swollen and wet cunt, and yes I licked her on all places and we loved each other as we never did before; anyway I didn’t. We did love each other, surely.
But… I was not able to penetrate her. Yes, just my fingers, and she enjoined it, but the ultimate joy was of course to be deep into each other. Get ready. But I couldn’t! To nervous I suppose. So what she probably wanted I could it offer her. But she accepted me… and I was so happy!
“Fuck me or kill me”, she said to me in total adoration. “Sorry love”, I said, “I’m very sorry, but I’m so nervous about what happens to me tonight, I’m not able to fuck you, however I want to. And how often you ask me, is it thousand times, I don’t kill you!
We embraced each other, belly to belly, tits to tits, lips to lips and we loved each other. Then I turned the light on and sat on her belly, looking her face, her dark black nipples in her chocolate body, her sparkling and dark brown eyes, her beautiful flat belly and her incredible nice hips. Probably the most beautiful experience in my whole live.
I can read this hundred times in a row and every time I enjoy and agree.
After this we went to her house and she showed me the pictures of her wedding, her family, her mother; she wanted affection and I think I gave that to her.
Oh yes, I still love her. But the next day, she disappeared of my live. I tried to phone her several times to arrange a new appointment, but after a week she phoned me to don’t phone her anymore, due to her marriage. And of course I didn’t.
Isn’t that a story? Real happened!
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