Fun with Sherry – Part 2

I didn’t realize just how evil Sherry could be when it came to teasing me.
Just after lunch the day of the massage in my last story we went to the Community swimming pool together. I was a little disgusted with how out of shape I looked shirtless in a bathing suit. On the other hand, she looked dynamite in a bikini that showed off her ample cleavage and framed her ass well.
Several times in the pool she would come up behind me and rub her breasts against my back while her hand would stray down to rub my cock while whispering in my ear “I wish I could feel this between my tits now”  Fortunately my swimsuit was a little baggy so my hard-on wasn’t visible.
When we returned home I knew it would be about an hour until Cara got home from work. So when Sherry said she was going to rinse off in the shower and asked if I wanted to join her, I eagerly said “yes”.  Once in the shower our tongues were in each other’s mouths while our hands were exploring each other’s bodies. She grabbed my cock with a soapy hand and began to quickly pull on my growing cock, whispering in my ear “how does that feel?” to which I responded “Fantastic” She said “you’ll like this even better” got on her knees and took my growing cock into her mouth.  My wife Cara is a fair cocksucker but Sherry on the other hand was amazing. I can’t decide if its simply because how wet her lips were and the amount of pressure she applied or how masterfully she used her tongue but I was in ecstasy. Her lips slid quickly up and down my shaft while her tongue was teasing every centimeter of my cock, taking extra time to tease the head with her tongue. She took me to new levels of pleasure as she played with my balls while blowing me. She then began to stroke me again while her tongue and lips teased and sucked on my balls. Before I knew it I had my hands on her head to help me keep my balance and I got my cock back in her mouth and it wasn’t long before I was shooting my load into her mouth and down her throat. I was breathing hard and swear I saw stars at that moment.
She looked up at me and told me I was mean for finishing in her mouth and not on her tits. I pulled her to her feet, looked into her eyes and told her I’d make it up to her. I then proceeded to get on my knees and pushed her against the back wall of the shower and moved my mouth up to start teasing her clit with my tongue while holding onto her ass. She started to sigh as my tongue alternately flicked and licked her clit. She grabbed my hair and started to moan as I slid a finger inside her pussy while sucking the lips of her vagina into my mouth one at a time. Her moans grew louder as I proceeded to give her a clit a tongue lashing while finger-fucking her faster but with two fingers now. A couple of minutes later she moaned she was cumming and held my head in place as she rode out her orgasm on my face.
After she let go I stood up and asked if I was forgiven to which she grinned and said no. She told me my punishment was that I couldn’t fuck her in the shower, that we could only soap each other up. So the rest of the shower was pretty uneventful as she stroked my cock and I rubbed her breasts, ass and pussy, but nothing serious enough to endure an orgasm for either of us.
That night Sherry had gone out to see some friends. It was starting to get late when Cara and I started fooling around in the living room. We had started to undress when Cara asked what if Sherry comes home and catches us? I told her not to worry about it, that Sherry would probably ignore us as she has no interest in me and no interest in seeing her kid sister naked having sex. Cara agreed and we proceeded to get naked. After roughly 10-15 minutes of my licking and nibbling on her clit and tonguing her pussy Cara was moaning loudly in pleasure, which was making me hard. I kept Cara on her back,  inched up her body, and put her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her hard and fast. How good her pussy feels wrapped around my cock can’t be described.  She had just started to moan again and I was telling her how good she felt when we heard the lock opening on the front door and realized Sherry was home.
Cara started to panic a little and I held her in place, continuing to fuck her, telling her it was too late now to stop and hide. The way Cara was lying she couldn’t see Sherry, but I could. Sherry just smiled and shook her head at me. She stood there for a minute watching, playing with herself through her clothes – putting on a show for me. At that point I decided to up the stakes and pulled out Cara and straddled her chest. She pushed her 42D breasts together around my cock and I only lasted two or three strokes before shooting a load all over her tits. Sherry looked at me shocked and went to the guest room before Cara could see that she had been watching.
The next morning after Cara left for work Sherry told me that I was very bad last night for shooting my load on Cara’s tits after not shooting on hers earlier in the day and that I would have to be punished. With that she stripped naked and told me to do the same, which I did.  She then proceeded to give me a blowjob that was even better than the previous day’s. However once I was rock hard and begging her to finish me off she stopped. She stood up and lowered her tight, wet pussy onto my cock and slowly rode me for just two strokes. Then with her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock and her hips grinding against me she looked in my eyes and told me that if I came before she could wrap her tits around my cock that I could never fuck her again and that she would tell Cara everything that’s happened.
I started to panic as I knew I was close to cumming and started to think of anything to get my cock to back down a bit. As if she was reading my mind Sherry grabbed my face and held it in her cleavage as she started to ride me with slow, grinding strokes. Her pussy felt like a warm vice trying to milk the cum from my cock. Then she let go of my face and started riding me fast and hard as I watched her magnificent tits bounce up and down. She grunted “Hey big boy how does this feel? Are you going to cum for me now?” and started to moan in pleasure. It was as if she was trying every trick in the book to get me to shoot inside her instead of on her tits.  Somehow I managed to resist shooting my load just yet. After several minutes of this hard fast riding she moaned that she was cumming and rode me through her orgasm, how I managed to reel in my load I have no idea. But she jumped off me a smiling, sweaty mess and wrapped her tits around my cock and I just needed to pump up twice between them before I was cumming. My first shot hit her in the face before she aimed the rest of my load all over her tits and cleavage. She just looked at me, smiled, told me that she didn’t know how I lasted but it’s a good thing I did as she still had five days to go in her vacation and that she wanted plenty more of my cock.
Over the next five days Sherry and I did it at 8-10 more times in nearly every position imaginable. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to convince Cara or Sherry to do a three-way. But I was able to get Cara to ask Sherry for blowjob advice and the quality of her blowjobs has started to improve.
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