Up at the crack of Dawn

Don’t know why, but for some reason I’ve been thinking alot about Dawn. You see, Dawn was my first time and only time with an older woman. This story happened several years ago.
We were friends, liked the same bands, and flirted a bit online, but I didn’t think it would lead to anything. We were just good friends, living several states apart, she was in her mid-50s and single and I was in my early 30s and in an on-and-off long-distance relationship.
However she was coming to my state to visit some other friends and asked if we could get together for a day or two before she saw her friends so we could catch a baseball game together and hang out. I said yes.
I met her at the train station and she came off the train looking great with her black hair hanging around her shoulders, her hazel eyes glistening, tight t-shirt that made her 38Cs look great and tight jeans that showed off her figure. She looked like she was in her late 30s. She greeted me with a big open-mouthed kiss. We spent the next several minutes with our tongues in each others’ mouths and hands roaming over each others’ bodies. We were friends meeting for the first time so I certainly wasn’t expecting a greeting like this, but I knew how to respond.
We chatted a bit on the drive back to my place and once we got inside our hands were all over each other again. She must’ve felt the effect it was having on me as my dick was hardening. She unzipped my fly, pulled out my dick and started stroking it while we kissed. I tried to undo her bra but she pushed my hand away.
She stopped before finishing me off saying we had to get ready to head out to the game. I begged her not to leave me in that state and to finish me off with her hand or mouth, but she said if I wanted the job done I’d have to do it myself and that she wanted to watch. So I laid back on the bed and started stroking myself fast and hard while kneeled next to me licking my neck and cheering me on. It took only a few minutes for me to cum hard and when I did she let out a gasp saying she had never seen a guy shoot that high before. I asked her to lick me clean, but she told me to use some tissues and clean myself.
After the game we returned to my place and I was thinking she’d stay in the guest room, but I shouldn’t have been surprised when she followed me into my room and asked if she could join me. Without thinking I said “sure”. We kissed some more as we undressed each other but as I moved to caress her breasts she pushed my hands away and said “not yet” and slipped on a sexy blue negligee that left little to the imagination while I put on a pair of silk boxers.
We laid down next to each other and started to kiss and caress each other, our kisses growing more passionate as she rubbed her hand across my chest and I along her back, roaming down to her great ass. She didn’t object when it gave it a little squeeze. We continued to kiss as her hands found their way to my hardening dick and started to stroke. Again she didn’t object as hands roamed up under her negligee and started to caress her breasts, rolling the nipple between two fingers she let out a soft moan. While she was alternating between stroking me and caressing my balls, she said she loved the effect she was having on me. I responded by moving a hand down and start to rub her pussy. She moaned a little louder as I slipped a finger inside her and started to finger fuck her slowly.
After only a few minutes of this she said she couldn’t take it anymore and yanked my boxers down. She then pushed herself on top of me, and slid her pussy down onto my rock-hard cock. She rode slowly at first, sitting upright, with a look of lust and pleasure on her face. She peeled off the negligee and lowered her breasts to my face so I could suck on them while she started to ride me harder. As I was enjoying her breasts, nibbling on the nipples and running my tongue over them I started to thrust up to meet her bucking and she started moaning even louder saying she was getting close. A minute later she sat fully upright and started yelling “Oh God! I’m cumming!” Somehow I managed to resist shooting my own load into her at that moment and continued to slowly pump into her. A moment later, when she laid down on me whispering in my ear how amazing it was, I rolled us over so I could be on top. I re-entered her and started fucking as hard and fast as I could as she wrapped her legs around me. She was moaning loudly and I was breathing hard. I was only able to last another minute or two until I shot my load deep inside her, laying down on her, telling her how amazing it was.
We continued to lay there in each other’s arms catching our breaths and yet still finding a way to have our tongues in each other’s mouths. We fell asleep naked in each other’s arms. However I was awaken in the morning by the feel of her mouth on my cock, her tongue teasing the cockhead and her fingers caressing my balls. I managed to get us into a 69 so I could reciprocate and she tasted as good as she looked. My tongue teased her pussy and her clit as I licked all around and snuck a few fingers inside her to give her a quick finger-bang while I tongued her. After we both came hard we decided it was time for a shower.
We got into the shower together and our hands and tongues were all over eachother’s body. She got on her knees and sucked me to hardness and as much as I wanted her to keep going, I had other ideas. I had her stand up and turn her back to me. I had her bend over and I eased into her from behind. I grabbed her breasts and started slamming into her pussy hard and she was shouting at me to do her harder as she bucked back at me to meet my thrusts. She had a finger teasing her clit as I continued to slam into her with the water cascading down on us. It wasn’t long before I groaned I was about to cum and with that she turned around got on her knees and took my entire load in her mouth.
We looked at each other and laughed, joking about how this was some good wet fun. We followed through with the local sight-seeing plans we had for the day, including driving past the home of our favorite musician.
As soon as we got back to my place late in the afternoon we ripped each other’s clothes off and had a wild, frantic tabletop fuck. We both reached orgasm pretty quickly as we were overcome with lust. After dinner she schooled me in the art of lovemaking, bringing me to the brink countless times while instructing me on just the right way to eat her pussy and fuck her. I lost count of the number of orgasms she had before she got on top and without riding, simply used her pussy muscles to pump my cock until I came with explosive force.
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