10:30 Am Come On Over

Sarah and I had lived with one another for over a year but had decided to separate after our relationship degraded to a point to where we both simply quit trying. She was now living with a new boyfriend and had asked me to come pick up some things I had left that she had gathered together during the last few months. “Ron (her new boyfriend) and I are getting tired of looking at this stuff” she had told me over the phone. She liked to throw his name out all over the place, I guess to show me she was “over” me.   I was fine with that but even though I had never met Ron, I knew there was one area Sarah had not quite completely moved on with. On several occasions Sarah had secretly called me, pretending like she needed something, but the conversations always seemed to contain sexual innuendoes and remarks.   If there was one area that Sarah and I did not need to improve on, it was in the bedroom. Her bedroom personality was exactly the same as her real self: quite, caring, and attentive. She tended to be very submissive and obedient to my wants and as I usually would act aggressively with her. She seemed to receive a sexual charge from being “taken” or instructed. We had never gone as far as to have sex since we broke up but it always seemed like it was a possibility. I thought about it more as I drove over to our old apartment. I hadn’t been with anyone since Sarah and my urges were giving me a little extra courage that I normally didn’t display.   When I walked in and saw her I was instantly aroused at the memory of her body as I saw her breasts pushing against the cut off top she was wearing. Obviously braless, the outline of her soft nipples protruded from the soft cotton shirt. She was busy putting things away and straightening up as she talked to me, all the while my eyes scanned her body and movements. She bent over in front of me several times as she gathered a group of magazines, each time affording me a glimpse of a small, firm breast and a large nipple that used to fit perfectly into my hands and mouth.   On one occasion as she sat there on her knees, I handed her one of the magazines she was gathering and I brushed my hand against her bare knee and ran it up very high along her thigh. She said nothing but her attention was made to me as the next time she bent over, I noticed her once soft nipples were now firm and hard. As arousing as this was, I began hardening in earnest when she rose and walked by me. I saw a full view of her and thought briefly of how much I wanted to take her away from the man who now knew her body.   I was jealous when I thought of how Ron’s hands would look rubbing her feet, her thighs, her shoulders. I imagined of all the times I had placed my hands and fingers around her waist and stomach and had gripped her tightly as I filled her with my cock. Now Ron was doing these things and I wanted her. When she returned I grabbed her and quickly hosted her up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her feet into me at the base of my back. She never made the first protest. Not when I pushed her back into the wall, not when I ripped her flimsy shorts from her body, and not even when I unzipped my pants and released my very hard and throbbing cock.   She looked at me once as if to say something but then simply half turned her head and lowered her chin onto my shoulder. As she bowed her head to my chest, I knew she was surrendering herself to our needs. She was accepting the fact that she was betraying her lover and, once again, was allowing me to fuck her and please her body. She knew there was no love or emotional tie between us, just a need to be satisfied in a physical way. Yearning and conceding, she whimpered a muffled cry as I pushed my thick head into her, parting her wet, swollenlips. Without another thought, I roughly buried my entire length into her until I felt the familiar feel of he pelvic bones against me. With an animalistic lust, I quickly took her over and over.   Squeezing my hands around her waist now, I had replaced Ron and she knew that her true love for him could not match her physical desire for me. Relentlessly, I stroked her, again and again, as her hands struggled to find ways to ease her feelings. She clawed into me roughly, then ran her fingers past my shoulders and arms, unable to find a balance between the pleasure and pain of it all. Shortly, her body began indicating to me that she was about to orgasm and her movements intensified.   Remembering that she had always had a major fear of being impregnated and the cleanliness of her orgasms, I decided toexact my mastery over her completely. As she neared her peak, she struggled to release from me as she always had, trying not to cum while I was still in her but I wouldn’t allow her. Finally, her body betrayed her and she erupted into a powerful, moaning climax as she continued to ride my long, satisfying shaft.   She began weeping as we felt her hot womanly juices begin to trickle down her thighs and onto me, all the while whispering to me, “why? Why? How could you….you know how I feel about that.” Without reply, I turned my attention to my final satisfaction and Sarah quickly realized in a half terror of my intentions. After a very brief struggle to separate from me, she again submitted to me and allowed me to bring my self to a feverish orgasm of my own.   Straightening her back and arms, she whipped her head up and looked directly at me for the first time as she received wave after wave of my thick seed. In waves of cum, I shot load after load directly inside her for the first time ever. I felt like a conqueror as I was confident of the fact that I had just made use of her body in a way that Ron never had. I lowered Sarah's bare feet onto the floor and left her there, lying by the wall covered with my sperm and sweat. As I left I told her I would return when I needed her again. Her only response was to raise her head and say, “I know. And I know I will let you.”
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