Cabin Love

My name is angel and I had just turned 18 and graduated from high school. After graduation my friend Tammy invited me to spend the weekend at her parents cabin. Since they weren't going with us I figured they won't leave us alone for the weekend. But I was wrong I guest since we've known each other so long they thought of me as part of the family. I had asked Tammy what I should bring she just told me to pack light since we would spend the whole weekend at the cabin and the lake. When I got to the jeep I had my camping backpack which held a week's worth of clothes all she did was looked at me in disbelief.  When we got to the cabin I saw why all she had for the weekend was a small backpack that could only hold maybe a towel and a couple of swim suits. My first thought was that I must look very stupid with this huge backpack. Then I had just remembered that there was a lake and I only brought jeans. I went in to the cabin to help Tammy unpack and saw the only thing in her pack was a towel and sun screen. Although I never thought of her in a sexual way before the thought of her being naked the whole weekend made my dick almost rip through my jeans. At that point all I wanted to do was hide my erection so I ran to the jeep to unload the food for the weekend in hope's that it will take my mind off Tammy I had put the food in the kichen and headed back to Tammy. I almost came in my pants she was standing there in nothing but a towel that barely covered her pussy I just stood there with my mouth open she just stood there as if daring me to do something. At this point my dick was so hard it grew up to at least 8 1/2 inches much larger then I ever thought I was. Because she was my friend I was sorta ashamed that I got hard thinking about her so I ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower.  In my ruch to cool of I had jumped in the shower with my clothes on and what was even worst I forgot my towel and clothes since I left my stuff in the jeep I had no choice but to call Tammy to get them for me she just loved the fact that she turned me on so to see how aroused she could get me she told me to get it my self I told her in a angry voice to go get my stuff from the jeep and put it in my room she was a little upset at my tone but she knew that while she was at the jeep I was going to run to the room and cover myself so instead of going to the jeep she got so turned on at my arousal that she wanted to fuck me so she went to my room took of the towel and laid spread eagle on the bed. as she thought I had ran to the room naked and when I saw her on the bed with her pussy glistening with arousal I just couldn't hold it any longer I went to her bent down between her legs and began to eat out her pussy.  The aroma that she was producing was intocsicating her pussy tasted so sweet I just couldn't get enough she started to breath very heavy she yelled out i'm cumin i'm cumin and wave after wave she came I almost drowned in her juices she came at least four times before I was through. When I was done she took me laid me on the bed and began to suck my Dick at this point my Dick had gotten so hard and wide that she could hardly get it through her lips. I was ready to cum right there I told her that if she didn't stop I was going to cum in her mouth all she did was suck harder that just drove me over the edge and with a laud grunt I pumped what seemed like a gallon into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. After that we fell asleep together we woke up two hours later and decided to go for a swim in the lake after what just transpired I felt no need for swim suits.  We jumped in swam for a few hours and got out. We added sun screen to each others body's but the caressing of our body's turned us on even more. As we touched each other I began to caress her tits my hand moved down her body as I reached her pussy I began to slide my hand over her pussy witch was already sopping wet I began to insert my index finger in her pussy I had took my finger out and climbed on top of her she looked at me and said I'm a virgin we looked at each other and I asked her do you really want to do this at this point her look of lust turned into a look of innocence.  With a ook of lust and of fear she told me that she wanted to make love to me I moved up her body positioned my Dick at the entrance of her pussy as I slowly inserted my Dick into her she bit her lip with some pain I went as slow as I could before she yelled out fuck me break my hymen do it hard now hearing her say those words made me ram my Dick deep in her pussy with the feeling of wormth and wetness I was overwhelmed with a laud grunt I filled her pussy with so much cum that it leaked out of her after laying there for a few minutes my Dick became hard again I asked her if I could fuck her in the ass she reluctantly exepted I took my Dick dipped it in her pussy to get it wet then slowly inserted the head of my Dick in her rose bud she started hissing with pain then I forced my Dick in her she yelled with pain but did not stop me after a few pumps she started to yell with pleasure I started to pump for all I was worth after about 20-30 pumps I shot an incredible load in her ass.  We spent the whole weekend fucking when we got home we just gave each other a knowing smile. A week later she tells me she's late we got a test done and she was pregnant I proposed a week later we were married a month later we've been married for six years now with two kids but we still take a trip to that cabin once a year.
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